Mackay Creatives Exhibition at Artspace

RaeStreetRetro is excited to be part of the upcoming Mackay Creatives Exhibition at Artspace, commencing 24 March 2015.

One of the items being exhibited is a Kinsha Silk table runner, “Wabi Summertime”.  Kinsha Silk is a fine crepe silk produced in 1920’s and 1930’s.  It is a top quality silk, hard to now find and is therefore very sought after.  The threads were dyed 20-30 times to obtain the intensity of colours.   Traditionally, Kinsha Silk was used for summer kimonos due to its very fine lightweight quality. 

Vintage Kimono Panel (circa 1920-1930s), 100% Kinsha Silk, dyed and woven design, backing is 100% Silk Dupion, Kinsha Silk Kimonos were traditionally worn during the summer months, 32cms x 140cms,  $165
Vintage Kimono Panel (circa 1920-1930s), 100% Kinsha Silk